samedi 4 juin 2011

BSAme mucho © (embrasse-moi beaucoup)

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Repérage: Le Dépassionné
Commentaire original: "BSA B34 (1954). Modèle de course avec carters alu. Cadre d'origine à suspensions coulissantes et fourche Girder d'origine Norton (1933)."
Propriétaire: Lirkingclass

Source photos: British Ironworks
Commentaire original:"Friday, 7 January 2011. 1953 BB34 Gold Star. Found this at Quality Custom Cycles a genuine works all alloy motor, special ordered from the factory and raced in the dirt during the '50s. The Norton girders and Triumph tank have been retrofitted recently. Like the Velo yesterday, it has a beautiful, brutal no frills attitude about it, nice."

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